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Our Mission

Community Resident Services, Inc. (CRS) empowers existing communities to help them develop a healthy environment through listening to the needs our residents and fostering the strengths of all.  We provide compassionate services and programs within residential communities.​

Joint Ventures

CRS develops and operates affordable rental housing for low- and moderate households in California by participating in the ownership and management of such properties with local for-profit developers and owners. CRS participates as the Managing General Partner of the ownership entity for each property. As the Managing General Partner, CRS is responsible for the management and supervision of the ownership, development and operation of the property. CRS does not provide financial guarantees and does not pay for any of the predevelopment costs of local for-profit partner.

Resident Services

CRS's core competency is bringing quality services to the residents that are appropriate to the specific populations of each property. The services include, but are not be limited to, after-school programs, computer learning, after-school and school-break recreational and cultural programs, English-as-a-Second-Language, resume writing courses, job search courses, personal health maintenance courses, summer lunch programs, and resident ombudsman programs.

Onsite Staffing

While staffing varies based upon the specific needs and programs at each property, CRS generally hires Program Coordinators to assist at each property. The primary function of the Program Coordinator is to effectively assist resident family members that have requested support in enhancing the quality of their daily lives and in more fully and successfully participating in the educational and economic mainstream. The Program Coordinator provides tenants with information about and supportive access to local services and resources that can assist the residents to achieve their life goals. The Program Coordinator is an integral part of the housing and property team and plays a critical role in the overall positive maintenance of the property for the enjoyment of its residents and the respect of its neighbors.

Property Tax Exemption

As the Managing General Partner for specific properties, CRS is responsible for securing the real estate tax exemptions available.

Local Government Funding

As a part of the development team for each property, CRS assists in securing governmental funding for the properties' development.​